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该软件根据教材内容统计单词出现次数、并将单词按出现次数从高到低排列, 使你记忆单词有针对性,从而使你花的时间更有价值...详细

职称英语 职称英语考试 职称英语试题 职称英语学习帮手


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么建华教授:著名英语教育专家;研究生、博士生导师;中国国家人事人才培训中心教授级专家团队成员。在长达三十年的英语教学与研究中,积累了雄厚的教学与应试经验。通过研究分析历年的试卷,配合最新考试动态的方向与要... 详细



2009-10-21 13:45:00

1. A new system of quality control was brought in to overcome the defects in the firm’s products.
A) invested B) introduced C) installed D) insisted
2. The old concerns lose importance and some of them vanish altogether.
A) develop B) disappear
C) link D) renew
3. There is always excitement at the Olympic Games when an athlete breaks a previous record of performance.
A) beats B)matches
C) maintains D)announces
4. The government is debating the education laws.
A) discussing B) defeating C) delaying D) declining
5. They had a far better yield than any other farm miles away around this year.
A) goods B) soil
C) climate D) harvest
6. The city has decided to do away with all the old buildings in its center.
A) get rid of B) set up
C) repair D) paint
7.During the past ten years there have been dramatic changes in the international situation.
A) permanent B) powerful
C) striking D) practical
8. It is out of the question that the inspector will come tomorrow.
A) impossible B) possible C) probable D) likely
9.Techniques to employ the energy of the sun are being developed.
A) convert B) store C) use D) receive
10. Since the Great Depression, the United States government has protected farmers from damaging drops in grain prices.
A) slight B) surprising C) sudden D) harmful
11. Cement was seldom used in building the Middle Ages.
A) crudely B) rarely C) originally D)occasionally
12. Medicine depends on other fields for basic information, particularly some of their specialized branches.
A) conventionally B) obviously C) especially D) inevitably
13.We were astonished to hear that their football team had won the champion.
A) amazed B) amounted C) amused D) approached
14. There is an abundant supply of cheap labor in this country.
A) a steady B) a plentiful C) an extra D) a stable
15. The most crucial problem any economic system faces is how to use its scarce resources.
A)puzzling B) difficult C) terrifying D) urgent

As many as 20% of all children in the United States suffer from some form of the learning disorder2 called dyslexia.
Experts on dyslexia say that the problem is not a disease. They say that persons with dyslexia use information in a different way .One of the world ‘s great thinkers and scientists. Albert Einstein was dyslexic. Einstein said that he never thought in words the way that most people do .He said that he thought in pictures instead .The American inventor Thomas Edison was also dyslexic. Dyslexia first was recognized in Europe and the United States more than 80 years ago. Many years passed before doctors discovered that persons with the disorder were not mentally slow or disabled .The doctors found that the brains of persons with dyslexia are different. In most people, the left side of the brain3-----the part that controls language is larger than the right side. In persons with dyslexia, the right side of the brain is bigger. Doctors are not sure what causes this difference. However, research has shown that dyslexia is more common in males than in females, and it is found more often in persons who are left handed4. No one knows the cause of dyslexia, but some scientists believe that it may result from chemical changes in a baby’s body long before it is born. They are trying to find ways to teach persons with dyslexia. Dyslexic persons think differently and need special kinds of teaching help. After they have solved their problems with language, they often show themselves to be especially intelligent or creative.
1.One out of five American children suffers from dyslexia.
A. Right B. Wrong C. Not mentioned
2.Many great thinkers and scientists in the world are dyslexic.
A. Right B. Wrong C. Not mentioned
3.The first cases of dyslexia in Europe were discovered less than a century ago.
A. Right B. Wrong C. Not mentioned
4.The left side of the brain in a dyslexic person is bigger than the right side.
A. Right B. Wrong C. Not mentioned
5.Generally speaking, dyslexia is more common in left-handed males than in right-handed females.
A. Right B. Wrong C. Not mentioned
6.It is believed that dyslexia is related to the bad habits of a baby’s mother.
A. Right B. Wrong C. Not mentioned
7.Dyslexic people often turn out to be intelligent or creative one they have learned to handle language properly.
A. Right B. Wrong C. Not mentioned
:概括大意与完成句子 (每题1分,共8分)
阅读下面这篇短文,短文后有2项测试任务:(1)1---4 题要求从所给的6个选项中为第2--5 段每段选择1个正确的小标题;(2)第5--8题要求从所给的6个选项中选择4个正确的选项,分别完成每个句子。请将答案涂在答题卡相应的位置上。
More Than 8 Hours Sleep Too Much of a Good Thing
Although the dangers of too little sleep are widely known,new research suggests that people who sleep too much may also suffer the consequences.
Investigators at the University of California in San Diego found that people who clock up 9 or 10 hours each weeknight appear to have more trouble falling and staying asleep,as well as a number of other sleep problems,than people who sleep 8 hours a night.People who slept only 7 hours each night also said they had more trouble falling asleep and feeling refreshed after a night’s sleep than 8-hour sleepers.
These findings, which DL Daniel Kripke reported in the journal Psychosomatic Medicine, demonstrate that people who want to get a good night’s rest may not need to set aside。more than 8 hours a night.He added that“it might be a good idea'’for people who sleep more than 8 hours each night to consider reducing the amount of time they spend in bed, but cautioned that more research is needed to confirm this.
Previous studies have shown the potential dangers of chronic shortages of sleep一for instance, one report demonstrated that people who habitually sleep less than 7 hours each night have a higher risk of dying within a fixed period than people who sleep more.
For the current report,Kripke reviewed the responses of 1,004 adults to sleep questionnaires,in which participants indicated how much they slept during the Week and whether they experienced any sleep problems.Sleep problems included waking in the middle of the night,arising early in the morning and being unable to fall back to sleep,and having fatigue interfere with day-to-day functioning.
KriDke found that people who slept between 9 and 10 hours each night were more likely to report experiencing each sleep problem than people who slept 8 hours.In an interview, Kripke noted that long sleepers may struggle to get rest at night simply because they spend too much time in bed.As evidence,he added that one way to help insomnia is to spend less time in bed.“It stands to reason that if a person spends too long a time in bed, then they’ll spend a higher percentage of time awake.”he said.
1. Paragraph 2 ___.
2. Paragraph 4___.
3. Paragraph 5___.
4. Paragraph 6___.
A. Keprike’s research tool
B. Dangers of Habitual shortages of sleep
C. Criticism on Kripke’s report
D. A way of overcoming insomnia
E. Sleep problems of long and short sleepers
F. Classification of sleep problems
5.To get a good night’s rest,people may not need to ___.
6.Long sleepers are reported to be more likely to___.
7. One of the sleep problems is waking in the middle of the night,unable to___.
8. One survey showed that people who habitually ___each night have a higher risk of dying.
A fall asleep again .
B become more energetic the following day
C sleep less than 7 hours
D confirm those serious consequences
E suffer sleep problems
F sleep more than 8 hours

第1篇Storms Sink Ships
Rescuers have found the bodies of over 130 people killed in two ferry disasters in
Bangladesh.The accidents happened during a storm that hit the country on April 21.Hundreds more are missing or feared dead.
The two ferries sank in different rivers near the capital city of Dhakfi as strong winds and rain hit the South Asian country.
The government has since banned a11 ferries and other boats from traveling at night during the April-May stormy season. .
One of the ferries,MV Mitali,was carrying far more people than it was supposed to.About 400 passengers fitted into a space made for just 300,police said.The second ferry carried about 1 00 passengers.
“The number of deaths is certain to rise.”said an official in charge of the rescue work.“No one really knows how many people were on board‘the ferry or how many of them survived.’’
Ferries in Bangladesh don’t always keep passenger lists,making it difficult to determine the exact number of people on board.
Besides the ferry accidents,at least 40 people were killed and 400 injured by lightning strikes.falling houses and trees and the sinking of small boats.
Storms are common this time of year in Bangladesh,as are boating accidents.Ferry
disasters take away hundreds of lives every year in a nation of 130 million people.
Officials blame these river accidents on a lack of safety measures.too many passengers in boats and not enough checks on weather conditions.
Ferries are a common means of transport in Bangladesh.It is a country covered by about 230 rivers.Some 20,000 ferries use the nation’s Waterways every year.And many of them are dangerously overcrowded.
Since 1977, more than 3.000 people have died in some 260 boating accidents.
ferry n.渡船
waterway n.水路,水道

1.How many people have been found dead in the two ferry disasters?

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